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been very fun playing a new team so far this season

and i just came third in a tournament with that team, only losing to shobbs and ptrsdboy! which im pretty proud of

(jaina, arg, oni - i'd enjoyed them in the past but always held back on playing them more because of either minor stuff i struggled to enjoy or just because i wanted to practise my mains more!)

i won the tournament!! \o/ /so/ proud of my adaptation in those grand finals, that's the least clumsily i've played… ever, i think?

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heck, i forgot i didn't have to escape the markdown stuff :D

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\**stops playing so much fs*\*
\**beats cchavez in the winner's finals of a tournament*\*

huh, good data point for the "taking breaks leads to improved play" advice people love giving

came first in a tournament yesterday, third today, what the heck is going on

still, came second and am very proud of my play!

my lum corner pressure was fantastic, and i got a triple perfect in the lum mirror against the person who came third >:D

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tired: practising for a tournament
wired: setting up a haskell-based page generator for your website that will likely never be needed

hit top 10 masters!!! (then lost a rank because of a matchmaking glitch where i lost a match that i never played, and my opponent won despite not playing, so now i'm 11th again…)

just beat mitarashi dango in a ft5 :O

this doesn't sound too incredible, we're at similar levels of skill, but i was playing lum throughout and he was playing valerie!!! (mostly, he switched to oni for the last match)

most people rate val vs lum as… heavily val favoured, usually somewhere between 7-3 (val's matchup to lose but counterplay exists and is a bit effective) and 9-1 (no counterplay exists beyond hoping for mistakes) in val's favour, so! :O :O :O

… somehow beat shobbs's grave with lum

strong grave play usually steamrolls lum, what the heck (he won all 6 other games, but not the one i was heavily disadvantaged in!)

fantasy strike 

fun interaction from the fantasy strike discord server 

i think i might have just played my new favourite ever fs match

aaand i'm out

didn't quite reach top 8, but can't fault myself for losing to aeronico and mitarashi dango, they're great players

(can and will fault myself for continuing to play so clumsily and for repeatedly attempting jump-ins they had repeatedly proven they would anti-air consistently)

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apparently for top 32, winner's side (where i am) will be on so that's where to go to next see me probably

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wait, game, not round, i've lost like 6 rounds

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up to top 32 now

haven't lost a single round yet >:D but that'll change soon enough i'm sure!

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