gonna be in a big fs tournament in an hour! biggest tournament ever by far, 200 players :O (it's had to be split into four brackets until the top 32, it's absurd!)

apparently if i turn up on-stream it'll be on the toronto toptiers one

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up to top 32 now

haven't lost a single round yet >:D but that'll change soon enough i'm sure!

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wait, game, not round, i've lost like 6 rounds

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apparently for top 32, winner's side (where i am) will be on twitch.tv/thypirateking so that's where to go to next see me probably

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aaand i'm out

didn't quite reach top 8, but can't fault myself for losing to aeronico and mitarashi dango, they're great players

(can and will fault myself for continuing to play so clumsily and for repeatedly attempting jump-ins they had repeatedly proven they would anti-air consistently)

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