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hi yes hello
i am tina aka tidazi
admin of

i do web stuff, reading, writing, fighting games, and probably other things too

i am also:
:flagTrans: trans (she/her)
:flagPan: panromantic
:flagHet: probably straight
:sayWhat: ADD
:sayAnxious: very anxious, almost always
:sayCry: depressed, but only sometimes
:qp: always trying to be a good host
:sayHeart: a cutie
:praise: obsessed with emoji
:sayYeah: a fan of lists
๐Ÿ‘‹ done with my intro toot


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might as well show off one more thing: my stuffed animals / plushies!

this is not all of them but it is the majority

also yes they fall down

because they aren't just for display only


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i've got the hair care hookup 

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makeup, hair care, electronics, idols 

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i have cat like reflexes. if i see a cat, i like it reflexively.

Fantasy Strike 

it occurs to me that these are probably all unintelligibly small for anyone on an instance / client that isn't using big emoji

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:smugDance: :evSmugDance: :evDance: :isaShakeIt: :pinkSway:

it's a dance party
c'mon everyone
let's boogie

i am awake
i really didn't want to be
not yet
but here we are
and i can't get back to sleep
so i guess today starts now for me



feeling a bit listless tonight
like i'm forgetting something
no idea what it could be
normally i'd think
"well, must not be important, then"
but i get this nagging feeling
it is definitely important
and i shouldn't have forgotten


nothing i can do about it i guess
hopefully i'll remember later


instance blocking stuff 

Which is the first Pokรฉmon?

is it possible to add a CW to something you want to boost?

just want to give a quick shout out to @chao for helping me out so much in getting this instance going and subsequently helping with fixing problems and giving advice for improvements

thank you janet
you are a very good chao


waking up to @chao swearing made me think about a few things but probably the most relevant of them is like...

if i install and regularly use this, how much is it going to mess with my efforts to curse less... rofl

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