hi yes hello
i am tina aka tidazi
admin of

i do web stuff, reading, writing, fighting games, and probably other things too

i am also:
:flagTrans: trans (she/her)
:flagPan: panromantic
:flagHet: probably straight
:sayWhat: ADD
:sayAnxious: very anxious, almost always
:sayCry: depressed, but only sometimes
:qp: always trying to be a good host
:sayHeart: a cutie
:praise: obsessed with emoji
:sayYeah: a fan of lists
👋 done with my intro toot

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ohai there taz
fancy meeting you here
outside of the fancy truck server

@tina Monorail's here too, can you believe it? (You've probs seen her already.)

thank you so much
you kind and generous soul
i owe you one

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