is it possible to add a CW to something you want to boost?


unfortunately not, it's a contraversial feature because it could easily be used the same way as quote retweets on twitter, which isn't a particularly desirable feature

you can copy the link to a post and call it a cw boost though, that's fairly common (if the link doesn't automatically open in the app, you can put it into search instead to find it, which is also a way to federate it to your instance!)

@janet refresh! copied it over. will copy more chaos over now

@janet btw are you using something to be on multiple mastodon accounts at once? or just switching accounts for whatever reason?


I use tusky on my phone and pinafore on pc

both support multiple accounts (and can easily switch), but right now I'm on my public account on my pc and this one on my phone


oh btw, do you know about the commonly blocked instances? there's a list somewhere, has a bunch of instances (and the reasons why so you can decide for yourself), I'll ask someone for the link if you don't know about it already

actually maybe ask holly in that case, she'll know more than me

@janet nope, i am in the dark on that, but it does sound like something i need


mind if I tag her in, so she can easily see context?

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