i did, but i had to manually set it to public so you would actually see this and give it a chance at fixing federation magically somehow XD


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@monorail @socks

basically how i feel about my fighting game performance in a nutshell, so i get what you're saying

still, if you've honed your skill to the point where you can consistently beat most anyone you play chess against, that's worth being proud of!

might as well show off one more thing: my stuffed animals / plushies!

this is not all of them but it is the majority

also yes they fall down

because they aren't just for display only


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i've got the hair care hookup 

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makeup, hair care, electronics, idols 

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i have cat like reflexes. if i see a cat, i like it reflexively.

Fantasy Strike 

it occurs to me that these are probably all unintelligibly small for anyone on an instance / client that isn't using big emoji

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:smugDance: :evSmugDance: :evDance: :isaShakeIt: :pinkSway:

it's a dance party
c'mon everyone
let's boogie


it is too early to tell

i do not become a functional human being until perhaps 2-3hrs after waking

i've only been up for 1hr


i am probably mostly okay tho
if you don't count being very tired

anything interesting on the docket then?

i am awake
i really didn't want to be
not yet
but here we are
and i can't get back to sleep
so i guess today starts now for me



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